Giving the gift of Authentic Southern Flavors is the Family Business

by Michael Conrad
elderberry and cinnamon on a table top

Conrad Farms Gourmet Treatswas started years ago on a small farm by the Conrad Family to make a variety of specialty foods featuring a blend of all-natural flavors inspired by the family’s Mid-western & Southern roots. This Gourmet Food and Gift Basket Store business quickly grew as they added easy dinner ideas in their recipe books for great weeknight dinner ideas. The family believes in quality products including the best strawberry jam, jelly, and homemade vinegar bbq sauces that will offer your taste-buds a party every time. Their Gourmet gifts online and baskets, where a fruit basket

can also feature Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles, various and unique sauce products and Homemade Vinegar BBQ Sauce. ​Conrad Farms Gourmet Treats has a passion for All-Natural foods and it shows. With original recipes canned in glass and containing No corn syrups, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients. Their Chow Chow in both mild and HOT is a real hit and Muscadine Jam is quickly climbing the chart as the best seller. Conrad Farms Gourmet Treats, take great pride in all aspects of their business and no better display of that passion than in their Custom Holiday Decor shop in the back. Personalized gift baskets are a great fit with any mix of their jams, sauces, pickles, relishes, rubs and hot sauces too. Chocolates you say? Yes they have recently announced they will be releasing a full line of gourmet chocolates and homemade fudge just in time for the holiday season of gift giving. If you long for the taste of homemade goodness, Conrad Farms Gourmet Treats all-natural foods will bring you back to the taste you crave. You will be proud to serve these delicious delicacies every day at the family table or for a special event! ​

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These folks are truly a family business and consumer-focused company that strives for excellence not only in the products they carry but also in prompt, personalized good old fashioned customer service. Whether you are a large corporate, real estate client or small family order, all customers are all appreciated and treated the same way we would want to be treated!The Conrad’s are committed to providing you with quality products for adorning, drizzling, marinating, and entertaining with the best sauces, relishes, and jams to be found. Each recipe is created and tested with the utmost care for your dining pleasure. Taste and experience a new kind of art designed especially for your gourmet palate.

Conrad’s pride themselves on:

Quality – “Our products are now made from family recipes in special commercial kitchens. We cook in small batches to ensure the best quality and do not use corn syrup or other cheap fillers. We cook as grandma did in years past.” Fair Prices – “By operating as a small family business we keep our overhead down and pass the savings on to you. Although our prices are some of the lowest, we never cheapen our products or cut corners.”Fast Shipping – “Over 95% of our orders ship within 3 days while custom Gift Baskets and Decor during the holidays can take a bit longer so please consider the lead time when ordering.”Friendly Service – “We seek to build long-lasting relationships and not just make a quick sale. We look forward to getting to know you and showing you just what we have to share.”Recipes- “Our family members have spent countless hours in the kitchen and know what flavors work to complement each other. Along with our friends and business partnerships, we have many thousands of recipes to share like our bbq chicken recipe that will tempt your taste buds with the best bbq sauce. As a matter of fact, we are releasing our first E-book in the series collection “Cookin’ with the Conrads” in mid-late August 2020. “Grill Master”, Grillin’ with the Conrads is tips and tricks manual to make the process of Grillin’ out less stressful. This amazing read is recently released free of charge to all of our visitors. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship and getting to know all of our new friends as we share our love for food together.”

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Gloria Henley August 19, 2021 - 10:22 pm

Hello my name is Gloria Henley and I visited your store at tanger outlet a week ago I am from Virginia and brought your Vidalia Onion & Poppyseed Dressing it was that best I have had and I want to no how and if I can buy a case and have it shipped.And if it can be done what is the price of 12 bottles

conradfarms August 22, 2021 - 11:52 am

Hey Gloria, Sorry for the delay. To ship 12 jars of the Vidalia Onion Poppyseed would be 135.21 if you would like to get that order going, just call 888-806-GIFT ext. 2


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