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Halloween Gift Baskets

Halloween Gift Baskets-cookies, snacks, treats, and other tricks

Halloween can be a scary time, but it can also be one of the most exciting. To some people, October 31st signifies really bad candy. We view this Halloween as an opportunity to express ourselves and show off our creative nature through our Halloween Gift Baskets. Guess whose house is getting toilet papered later…(Not ours, we have the best treats, and we think you will agree.) So, this year, leave the scaring to the neighbors and get your hands on a Best Gourmet Gifts by Conrad Farm’s cookie tray (individually wrapped) and send Halloween gift baskets from us that are stocked with all the best gourmet gifts.

Nothing Scary Here

The only thing frightening about our Halloween gifts is how perfect they are. Each one is full of all their favorite candies and comes in a basket they can actually use when it comes time to trick-or-treat. Available from 09/21/21 to 10/31/21

Magic for All

Don’t think that Halloween is just for kids. We’ve got plenty of sweet treats for all of your ghouls and ghosts to make perfect Halloween baskets that they’ll enjoy no matter what age they are.

Reach out to our friendly artisan staff can help you find the perfect Halloween candy gift baskets for your special needs, just give us a call at 843-796-2658.