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Best Gourmet Gifts Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail recipes are the key to a successful dinner party or brunch with friends. We have compiled a treasure trove of delicious southern favorites. We have also included some of our favorite refreshing beverage concoctions. Whether a cocktail or mocktail, you will find an exciting assemblage of mixology specialties.

Mocktail Recipes

Mocktails are a great way to celebrate without the alcohol in traditional Cocktail Recipes. Get the kids and teens involved in the festivities with a mocktail recipe to refresh and amaze. Have a friend that is not tolerant of alcohol? Help include them in the party with a delicious mocktail recipe and nurture that friendship.

Southern Drinks

From Sweet Tea to mint julip the south is home to some of the best Cocktail Recipes, and front porch sipping. Picture this! On a hot and humid summer day in the south, you and your friends are sitting out on the porch. You have made a delicious pitcher of sweet southern ice tea and enjoying the beauty of the southern states. Or while on vacation in the beautiful Myrtle Beach Coastline, you want a refreshing beverage to enjoy while basking on your condo patio.