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No matter the time of year, there are soups salads & sandwich recipes that are guaranteed to please. Here in the south, we know that there are just times that soup just won’t do. This page is packed with some of our most refreshing salad recipes and sandwich recipes for those times when it is just to hot for soups. Dive into a wealth of recipes for salads, recipes for soups, and recipes for sandwiches.

Soup Recipes

Delicious and creamy, loaded with flavor, a good soup will warm the soul. Take in the amazing flavor-packed recipes in our soups salads & sandwiches category. While the soup is a warm and comforting meal option, it can also serve as a dinner starter. A great cold-weather salad replacement, if you will.

Salad Recipes

Cool, Crisp, and refreshing is the foundation of a good salad. We have a full line of salad dressings and so we are partial to a fresh salad. Salad is often thought of like a lettuce serving. However, there are so many refreshing salad options from pasta salad to creamy salads with fruit.

Sandwich Recipes

Whether Soups Salads & Sandwiches are between two slices of bread or rolled into a wrap, a sandwich is a quick and easy entertainment option for a get-together. Think about a sandwich bar for a group of people that may have varying tastes. A well-planned sandwich bar is both impressive and reasonable. We have collected a unique collection of delicious sandwich recipes.